Messiah’s Misfitz

A Guiding Light In A Dark World

About Us

The Messiah’s Misfitz was started in June 2005 by a group of like minded bikers with a love of Bikes, The open road and Most importantly Our lord and savior Jesus Christ!  We were founded by Ringo and Q-ball with charter members of Chief, Rooster, Papa Doc, Cupcake, and Rolo some of which still ride with us today!  We have done speaking engagements at churches, bike blessings, numerous appearances at biker events and parades, we have been at rallies both biker and other causes and participated in many charity rides for various causes.  We hold one major fund raising event a year known as “Cannonball Run”, a destination ride to help support our efforts of helping others.  We are always on the road somewhere (sometimes in cages) but are always willing to stop and help those in need, and share the word and love of CHRIST with others.  While we are a “Motorcycle Ministry” we do not minister exclusively to the motorcycling community.  So while we may look like a motley crew at times never be afraid to come up and talk with us we love to share our testimonies and the love of CHRIST with everyone!